Budget Property Group


Upcoming Suburb in Harare North just 3km from Borrowdale Brooke.

Crowhill Views , with its beautiful scenery and quiteness  is supposed to be one of the best  gated community like Carrick Creagh Estate or Arlington Estate.Unfortunately due to the way the suburb was launched ,a lot of development did not take place. there are no roads ,no water infrastructure ,no shopping centres .Despite all this ,people are still buying stands and building beautiful houses.

Buying a stand is a very good investment and very risky. There has been several cases of double allocations and disputes on whose stand or area this area and that area belongs to. 

Budget Property Group believes this is still a good investment area and that is why we are marketing the suburb ,trying to reach out to the developers and homeowners who bought properties from individual developers in the area. No one trust each other in this suburb.You bring an idea ,someone thinks you are coming in as a spy .For this area to develop and prosper ,both home owners and developers need to be transparent and promote unity.